~*~*~*Outlet Reveal - DBF brought me this for our Anniversary *~*~*~


Aug 12, 2011
Well, the title says it all!! I have wanted this bag ever since i saw it in the FP store but did not get it then coz i thought i might just be able to find one at the outlet.....it was a huge gamble, but it paid off!!!

I am going to click some pics now, anyone up at this hour?! :smile:

P.S- the leather on the bag seems thinner than on previous seasons bags... Those of you who have this bag, any complaints about gathers coming undone? Or any other issues... I love this bag... I just don't want the gathers coming undone with minimal use... What do u all think?
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Feb 8, 2009
OMG, I cannot believe you got this at the outlet!!! I thought this was sold out?? I have one and LOOOVE it but gathers in 2 places came undone. I was going to return it but was afraid if I waited for the "repair process" the bag would be sold out