Outlet Report: Baraboo

  1. I braved the cold and made the trek up to the Baraboo outlet and was pretty disappointed. Lots of stuff in the pear color. A decent selection of Ergo bags but not in "fun" colors. More briefcases and notebook covers than I expected (I may go back closer to Fathers Day). Lots of wallets and wristlets but, again, not in any of the sought after colors. Some animal keychains (almost bought the cute monkey) along with the letters, zodiac signs, apple, snowflake, and some of the little photo holders.

    The only things of note were: a snakeskin Miranda (maybe? something that shape) marked at 30% off of $1079; a navy patent lunch tote that I didn't get a price on, but also on the back clearance rack; and a bleeker flap but with the strap sort of entirely out of rings and woven leather (very heavy but pretty cool).

    :crybaby:I didn't find anything. No first Coach today. I'm hitting Coach.com and eBay tonight after I warm up.