Outlet Question

  1. I was thinking about heading to the outlet tomorrow and was wondering if there is anything good there right now? I don't know if I should make the long trip if there is nothing worth buying. Anyone been there recently?
  2. Wondering what they have right now.... anyone happen to know?
  3. Wondering the same thing...I'm heading out to the one near mine on Monday.
  4. I started a thread about this too but it was moved and no one has answered me yet. Maybe they'll answer in here!
  5. I was there about a month ago.. they had lots of the Ergos from earlier this year. (non belted)
  6. I went to 2 different ones, one on Sunday and yesterday. Nothing good. A bunch of ugle green bags different styles. I only liked the charms.
  7. Don't know if anyone else here is from Hawaii, but our outlet has a lot of good stuff... I was just there yesterday and wanted a bunch of stuff!! And it doesn't help that my parents live two minutes away in Waikele... every weekend when I visit, I have to resist temptation!!
  8. Going to Woodbury Commons this morning. I have the PCE card but my mom in me needs to check the outlet first to see if there is anything the I LOVE before spending lots of $$ in the boutique! :smile: (cause there's lots there that I am sure to love!!)
  9. i wish i lived near woodbury commons. then i could go to one of the only 2 gucci outlets hahaha
  10. any one know about leeseburg va?
    hopefully soon i'll be going there!