Outlet Question

  1. I am wondering, I called the outlet and they said they are putting out their new floorset tomorrow.. I am about 2 hours away.. if I called them in the morning and asked them specifics of what they had, would they hold the bags for me for a couple of hours? Just wondering what the hold polilcy is.. also, does the coach outlet take the coach gift cards? The outlet SA said yes, but I want to make sure before I drive such a way! TIA!!
  2. Yes, they will hold, yes they will accept GC! I put something on hold once, and they said they would keep it for 48 hours. No CC required.
  3. I think so. I think a trip to see what's new is in my near future too...
  4. The outlet does accept Coach gift cards.

    The hold time is 48 hours.

    Maybe if you call with a style #, the SA will have an easier time looking.
  5. Sniped by bravo and kidlearner! LOL!

    New floor set tomorrow, huh? HMMMMM....
  6. ^^^:rolleyes:
  7. Well I called and they said they have ergos, but no carly, slim tote, shoulder tote, or anything like that. they said they have the vachetta leather striped wallet... and the one outlet said they won't hold because it is a weekend, but they will hold tomorrow... I live 2 hours away!! Rats..... I will call with some style #'s.. good to know they take gift cards.... ohhh yeahh!!! lol