Outlet quality


Sep 26, 2008
Hi all, I've heard many times (and experienced) that J Crew and Brooks Brothers has clothes specially made for their outlet stores, and usually, this quality is way WORSE.

Does Ann Taylor Outlets or Loft Outlets do the same? Thanks!
Jun 28, 2010
I have noticed that for BCBG, outlet sizing is wayyy off. I don't buy from there anymore; I just wait until their stuff in-store goes on sale now.

For example: I bought a pair of denim jeggings from there in a size medium. They fit more like a large now! I thought the small would be too small but apparently not. It's kinda annoying because they're final sell, too.

A lot of the Coach outlet bags aren't as nice, either. I started being very selective about what I buy from there because the quality just isn't there (but Coach quality, imo, is declining overall. My mom's bags and mine feel different).


Apr 9, 2009
This may be no help at all: but I'm sure most of you know that in the outlet, they make special clothes and/or purse for the outlet stores only, so the quality is off. They have some items from the actual stores-leftovers sales, last season type of stuff too.
It's true. The sizing is often different, and the styles may be similar to what's in regular stores now, but fabrics will be cheaper. So instead of silk, you'll find polyester, and the tops I've bought there are prone to quick fading and piling.

And, yes, Ann Taylor and LOFT outlets do the same.


In the Shadows
Jun 24, 2007
San Jose, CA
I have found that Ann Taylor factory outlet clothes are poor quality. I would just rather shop the sales at the store.

J. Crew isn't too bad as far as made for outlet clothes go but I am not fond of Banana Republic outlet clothes. Very cheaply made IMO.
Aug 31, 2009
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OP, here's a link to an article on merchandise quality at outlet stores.

According to the article:
...Today, the merchandise at most outlet mall stores is a mix of actual designer items and products created specifically for outlet stores and outlet shoppers. The system is deceptive because it preys upon people's inability to identify the true quality that marks a designer item...



Jul 20, 2009
^ I remember reading that and it really confirms my suspicion of outlet quality. Depending on the item, I wouldn't mind buying from outlets but if I'm looking for a piece that transcend fashion trends then I rather buy from boutiques or wait for sales.