Outlet purchases *PICS*!!

  1. Hey Ladies,

    I just went to the Burlington and Tulalip outlets this past weekend in WA. Here are a few pics of what I bought. I know some of you are curious about pricing, so here's what I paid...I think I got some really good deals :smile: I've been wanting a pocket satchel forever!

    Satchel - $152
    Waller - $95
    Keychain - $16

    I've also included an updated version of my growing collection! Let me know what you think!
    Coach Collection 002.jpg Coach Collection 006.jpg Coach Collection 007.jpg Coach Collection 008.jpg
  2. Gorgeous finds! :o)
  3. Absolutely great deals! I love all your new stuff and the rest of your collection! Congrats and enjoy!
  4. Very pretty! Outlets always have some amazing deals :smile:
  5. Great finds especially the satchel.
  6. wow, i love that satchel! do you know if they had any others left? it reminds me of last year's legacy collection, which i missed out on. i'd love to pick one up if you didn't get the last one! ;)
  7. wow you did great! I never have luck at either of those outlets!
  8. I love the satchel!! Congrats!
  9. Thanks Ladies!

    Shoppingsmycard - they had 2 more left in the nylon fabric (the one I have) and they had at least 10 of the all leather satchels at Tulalip. In the leather they had black, brown, and an all suede one. I believe those ones were 299 plus 20 or 30% off. Burlington only had the black signature gallery tote but was priced at 409 with 30% off....too rich for my blood at the moment! I like the nylon...it's easy to clean and won't get scuffed!
  10. Nice! Congrats!!!
  11. Great finds! Love the satchel.
  12. Congrats.
  13. Holy cow! Nice finds!!! I love the satchel :nuts:
  14. adorable!! congrats!
  15. great deals, looks like you had alot of fun!! sounds liek you had luck finding some good stuff, sometimes I dont always have the best of luck getting good deals etc. congrats!!
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