Outlet Purchases - No reveal, just pics!

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  1. Beautiful bags! Did you happen to notice how much the camel patent Sabrinas were? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind comments :smile:
  3. The Sabrinas were 30% off the factory price, plus the additional 20% off with the coupon. I'm not sure what the factory price was, it was $698 regular price. The cherry Sabrina was $469 factory price, $498 full price.
  4. Awesome finds.. Love the sabrina and the parchment zoe is cute!! I almost bought it too!!
  5. bueatiful bags, great for summer!
  6. Cute fob, havent seen that one before! I love my parchment Zoe, I hope you enjoy yours!!
  7. maybe I should move to Canada! Congrates!
  8. Coach products are technically cheaper here too since the prices are on par ;) move here now lol
  9. Thanks everyone! I`m still giddy and partially in shock that I got the items that I really wanted :happydance:
  10. wow, a Zoe and a Sabrina?? congrats!!! You scored!! they are both soo gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. What great finds! I was at our outlet today and there weren't any Sabrinas. Congrats!
  12. Ack I want a camel Sabrina!:pout: Wish I could make a trip to the North right now...
    Congrats on your finds, they are beautiful!
  13. Whoa great buys! The more I see this Zoe the more I think I need it!
  14. lol i saw that one sagitarius charm left and i was looking for the cancer one. Hehe congrats on the charm!
  15. Love both bags! I think we have similar tastes. I had the cherry Sabrina...returned it because it was awkward on me, then bought it again to give it a second chance but ultimately ended up returning that one too for the same reason. I LOVE seeing pics of them on here though, especially when they're bought at a great price. And the parchment Zoe---wow! I'm trying to track one of these down, myself. Congrats on your awesome haul!