Outlet Purchases - No reveal, just pics!

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  1. I was going to do a reveal but my sister brought my camera on her trip to Quebec, so I had to make do with my camera phone. The pics turned out really crappy, so I'll just post the pics all at once.

    I went to the Niagara Falls, ON outlet and got these:
    Medium Parchment Zoe - only one they had in the store! :yahoo:
    Large Cherry Sabrina - only one they had in the store too! :yahoo: the had tons of the large patent camel sabrinas though for those who are interested
    Cancer key fob - was looking for this for the longest time, so glad they had one! :yahoo:

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  2. Nice haul.

    Congrats on Sabrina. They are few and far between for sure.
  3. How much was the cherry sabrina?
  4. Sweet.... love it all
  5. Wow a zodiac keychain at the outlet, SCORE!
  6. beautiful Sabrina.. and the Zoe of course. Congrats
  7. Wow! Great outlet finds. I love the Sabrina!
  8. Thank you! I was surprised as I was on the client tracker and I never got a call for the cherry Sabrina. I'm so glad there was one there today though! :yahoo:
  9. Love the cherry Sabrina
  10. The cherry Sabrina was $262.64 after all discounts, before tax.
  11. Thanks! I know, eh! The outlet had 2 zodiac fobs, the other was a Sagittarius one. I bought it even though I don't know anyone with that zodiac sign. I figured it would come in handy in the future for gift-giving :biggrin:
  12. Go Canada Outlet! Glad to see they are getting good things in.
    Congrats on the goodies, especially that Zoe:love:
  13. Plus with the Canadian prices on par with the American one, it's a much better deal! ;)

  14. Congrats on your cherry Sabrina. I love the colour it's amazing

    Super lucky to have an outlet too. I have to go down to Wash state.

    Enjoy all your beauties!!!
  15. Beautiful stuff!!