Outlet Purchase(to keep or not to keep) & My Little Coach Family Pic

Apr 20, 2007
Went to the Lee outlets yesterday.. and there wasn't really much of anything catching my eye in the clearance section, which is pretty much the only place I look, except for a couple of clutches. Well, as I'm looking around the store, another shopper picks up the two small bags I had been looking at, and suddenly I really NEEDED that pink Parker, even though I'm not much of a pink girl.. So of course when she put that bag down I picked it up and immediately went to the register to pay.

Anddd.. here she is (sorry for the crappy bathroom mirror picture :P):

Parker Leather Clutch #13621

Retail: $258, priced $209.99, half off that & a 20% coupon at the door so I paid $89

But should I keep her? I've been eyeing some coach shoes on ebay for a while and now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone that route because it would have been a cheaper purchase and I've wanted them for a while..

Picture of the Family:



Loves Charms & Bags
Feb 17, 2009
That bag is beautiful, and I was tempted by her even at full price, but it was a little small for all my stuff.
So I say keep it if you will use it.
Sep 13, 2009
Northwest PA
She is an adorable purse...and an extra pop of colour in your collection! I think you will find yourself using her quite a bit as spring continues to warm up! And the price? You did so well! Congratulations!
Apr 20, 2007
okay okay i think you guys got me! she is adorable & i think i'm going to go with the strategy of seeing how much i do use her.. which i think i will..

now to convince the boyfriend to get me a pair of devlynn sandals :]


Sep 20, 2008
Keep the bag! I'm a little bias since I have the bag in Rose gold. For a small bag it holds alot more than meets the eye.


I <3 My Hubby
Aug 25, 2009
that is so so cool, what a great price, love the modeling shot too

keeep her oh my gosh, its soo adorable

congrats on such a great find