Outlet price of....

  1. Does anyone know what the outlet price was of this bag
    (small black hamptons hobo)
    **the one with two pom-poms not the one with long zipper like this one.



    :heart: , enjlux
  2. I haven't seen these in my outlet in awhile but I did find the exact one above without pompoms at Macys the price for the small one is $62.00 plus I think it's 25-50% off right now, so between $31 & $50.00....isn't bad at all. I just bought the large one there for $65.00, they are sold out of the large at my Macys but others might have it.
  3. thanks!! They're cute arnt they! :biggrin:
  4. =X those are way old...so if they were at outlet it was a return, and i wouldn't be surprised if the price was clearance price (which i don't know since there isn't a outlet near me *stomps foot*)
  5. Hi, I was actually wondering how much the small scarf hobo costs in outlets? I really love it but I can only find it on eBay for like $200+Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  6. ^I spoke to a lady through Coach's 800 # & they are completely sold out of the hobo through them...I saw some small ones at Macys marked down to $166.00 & Lord & Taylor has them marked down to $178.00.
  7. I was at the outlet today and those hobos were clearance with an additional 50% off. I didn't look to see how much they were on clearance for, though.
  8. It was going at the outlets for $70 plus tax the last time I checked.
  9. The one pictured is going for about $89 at Macys, but the pom pom ones are so old that i'm pretty sure they're salvage and if any were left have already been returned to vendors.
  10. Hi Pursefanatic85, I was wondering if you were refering to the black or the scarf hobo? Thanks!
  11. Marie I was referring to the scarf print...they are $166.00 at Macys for the small & the same price for the denim patchwork hobo too. But you should go asap or call around & have them hold it for you if they can since they are selling out quick.
  12. Thanks a lot for that, Pursefanatic 85!:flowers:
  13. You're welcome, anytime!

  14. Yep, this is how much it was at my outlet. We have been sold out of them for about 4 weeks now, though. You can always call your nearest outlet and ask them to call you if anyone returns it!
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