Outlet Ocelot kisslock change purses

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  1. does anyone have pictures of this? My husband is by our outlet this weekend and I want to send him on a coach mission! I think this sounds really cute, but would like to see it before I have him buy it! Thanks everyone!!
  2. OOO that is super cute! I may have to outlet stock that beauty!
  3. Does anyone know how much this is at the outlets?
  4. #5 Sep 18, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2010
  5. Thanks, CodeGirl :smile:
  6. The outlets have 20% off coupons being handed out at the door today too. Except for the Tanger outlets, they have the 25% BCA coupons that you can purchase for $1 each. So, a coupon will bring the price down a bit.