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  1. has anyone ever been to the YSl outlet in woodbury, NY. my new job training is only a half hour away from there and i was wondering what they have and if its worth it.
  2. I haven't been to that one, but I've been to the one in Secuacus NJ (I assume they both carry similar overstock?) and when I asked about a half a year ago if they ever get the Muse in there, they just laughed. The last bags I saw there were the sort of Asian styled hobos--I can't remember the name of that style and the last time I was there they really had no bags at all, so if you're going specifically for bags, I would try to call in advance.
  3. Update--the one in Secausus is now closed. Apparently the only 2 outlets are Cabazon and Woodbury Commons. I found this out when I called because I wanted to see if there were any Byzance bags left.