Outlet List??

  1. :crybaby: Is there a website that lists where all the outlets are?/Thanks in advance.
  2. MickMick Thanks so much!! Hmm the closest to me is Cleveland....
  3. Mick, I googled forever yesterday and never found a decent list....this one is really a great site. Off to see what is near me...Thanks again
  4. :yes: Thanks for the link, I was looking at it too... Wow... the West Branch outlet doesn't really have anything there except for the Coach store!!
  5. I know, that would be a long drive just for Coach, but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...lol
    I drive by every year when we go to Petoskey, if I remember right it is just one really long strip mall.
  6. Outletbound.com is the best just type in Coach and it will list all the Coach stores in the U.S.
  7. Yeah, I love outletbound.com

    It even had listings of the nearby motels in the area, for the outlets. I actually used one of it's recommendations this weekend. :smile:
  8. Also, isn't this in the pinned outlet thread? In the very beginning? If you ever lose it again you can find it there!
  9. Well I feel stupid, never thought to go back to the first post of that thread, thanks t
  10. ^^ Aw, don't feel stupid! LOL! The first few posts of that thread are actually very informative and I think I've read it a few times already!