outlet letters

  1. In the last three weeks I have visited my local outlet 4 times ( i know, i know) and every time there is a customer with a letter from coach. What is this about? Apparently there are different letters, but it seems to be maybe an item had to be sent back to Coach and couldn't be repaired or something like that. The letters definitly have some discount or credit in them. Any ideas? Have u seen or had this before?
  2. I got a letter from Coach when they couldn't fix my bag. It states the cred it I received and my outlet called to let me know I can bring it in to use there (even though it says only boutiques & online).
  3. that makes sense - I would be so mad if they couldn't fix my bag though. I hope they give full retail back. I wonder what happens if u had an outlet bag to begin with....
  4. I bought a pr of earrings. The ball fell out. I sent them into Coach and they declined to fix it. They sent me a letter worth $103 and change. I presented it to the SA when I went to buy stuff on Tues.
  5. They give you full value - I had that happen with a Coach bag that I loved once - I was bummed about the bag, but it was nice that they gave me credit to buy another one - you used to have to call them and buy it direct form Coach, but now you can use it in stores.

  6. Thanks Suzzeee - after seeing it happen three times ...I just had to know. :flowers: