Outlet Legacy Booty! and question

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  1. Here is my new baby.....I also got the monkey charm to match! I am so excited - I only paid $140 for the bag.

    My question is - Do you think I should save her for next summer? I have my black hippie to carry all winter and I am not sure a canvas bag would be O.K. for winter. This new bag is my absolute favorite!

    What is your opinion?
    Sept 011.JPG
  2. Oooh, nice new bag!! I love the N charm too!!
  3. OMG! Great buy!

    I want one like that.. ><

    Totally need a coach outlet near me!! ToT
  4. Great Buy!

    I wouldn't wear this canvas bag any later than the end of October, eventhough it is dark brown. The canvas will start to look out of season when you need to wear jackets as the weather changes.

    Beautiful Choice, Enjoy!
  5. :nuts: That bag is soooooo cute!!!! And what a great deal! I love it! You guys all get such great deals on this forum......I neeeed to live near an outlet so I can too!

  6. Oh, how cute and a great price! Congrats!
  7. wow great deal! I dont' really follow the whole season thing, for me, wear what you want when you want! :tup:
  8. I agree wear it if you like it. That's such a great buy, you've got to show it off!!!
  9. Youre in virginia and i went to college down there and know you can usually wear your flip flops through november. so based on the weather down there i say you can use it until about thanksgiving. use it now! you love it now and are super excited and may not be as excited to use it if you wait alllll winter long! go for it!
  10. Lovely bag at a great price- congrats!
  11. Great bag! I'd wear it now, maybe not with winter coats, scarves ...etc but now I think it'd be cute.
  12. Oh how pretty:tup: I agree wear it now before coat season..I know I would. I could not stand it if I didn't take her for a spin or two.
  13. Wow, super deal!!
  14. Congrats, I love it! The N charm is cute too...looking for an M, lol. :p

    And I saw the monkey charm, too cute! I wanted to get that because I'm Chinese and my zodiac is the monkey, but I already wayyyy overspent that day :sad:
  15. Well - even though most said to wear it now I am going to wait - I am one of those people who like to keep something for a while and then suprise myself later -
    I have a new black Hippie I have not even worn yet because I am still wearing my white one - my God I am really getting hooked on Legacys! I have to stop....