Outlet: Large Bleecker flap in British Tan?

  1. Do the factory store/outlets have these? I know they have the SMALL ones...both in the flap and the zip, but do they have the BIG ones? It doesn't look like it's still on the coach.com site (the sig is along with the buckskin & black, but no brit tan). I did find it at Nordstrom's (Macy's only has it in black)...I'm just cheap I suppose & don't want to pay $448! :wtf:

    I don't want to drive an hour if they don't have them at all (or have them yet)...I suppose I could call them in the morning, but then I'm an hour into the store opening and it's always a MADHOUSE in there! (I'm semi-near the Leesburg, VA location). Thanks if you can help me! :rolleyes:
  2. i have seen only 1. I assume it was a return because if i remember correctly, it was not marked down much (while the ink and green were on clearance). This was the Edinburgh IN outlet.
  3. Thanks! I called Leesburg today and the manager said that they did not receive ANY in the Brit Tan. BOO! :sad: I found ONE at Macy's (in store), but it was ridiculously beat up and it was still full price. I could get a 20% discount if I opened a Macy's account and I seriously thought about doing that, but I walked away, b/c that price was still $358 + tax and it was beat up. I'm just sad...they had the bottle green and the ink and they were both marked down to $313 and I have a Macy's gift card + a Visa GC from my lovely husband...and wanted to apply both to the bag, but at full price, it just didn't seem worth it for an imperfect bag. Again, BOO! :sad:

    I also went by the Coach store and they don't have them (obviously)...and the SA seemed unsympathetic to my plight...I guess she wanted me to get something she had in stock at the boutique.

    Damn me and my cheap, thrifty ways! :smile: