**outlet joy w/ pic**

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  1. This is my first post. This is my third Coach purse and I am officially addicted. I have been checking out TPF for a while and stalking the Coach stores and website.... REALLY wanting an Audrey. I couldn't decide between this one and the bright pink fabric one w/ the C's. Sorry I do not know all the official names yet! The one I got is the Jade patent Audrey and I believe it is from the Madison collection. Correct me If I am wrong! I still want the pink one but I have to control myself.

  2. that is great, what pretty color

    congrats and enjoy your new baby

    and welcome to the forum!
  3. Very pretty, the more i see the jade color the more i love it. I need like a wristlet or something in that color
  4. Thanks guys!!! They also had the matching wallet but I had to resist! I just bought a Coach wallet on my previous outlet trip and I convinced myself I did not need it.
  5. Yeah! Our bags are twin. I got mine two weeks ago, love it so much. I was stopped by a lady in a mall one day asking me where did I get such a beautiful bag. LOL I told her in Coach outlet. She was too shock to hear it! :P Oh, I got the poppy mint small wristlet wallet to match with it, they are really fit to be together!
  6. How much did you pay for yours if you don't mind me asking? Mine was 30% off the original price then I had a 20% coupon as well. They were nice enough to let me use the 20% coupon even though it doesn't start until Feb 12th or something.

    I looked at the full price of $398 and figured I would end up getting the purse for around $200. Of course it doesn't work like that! It is only my third time at the outlets and I didn't realize that I don't get 50% off the original price of the purse because they do it 30% off the original price THEN 20% off that... they are sneaky like that!

    I ended up paying $222 before taxes but I LOVE the purse so it was so worth it!
  7. Very nice! Love the color! Congrats!
  8. it's gorgeous!!!
  9. Beautiful color and great outlet find!
  10. Wow very nice!
  11. :welcome2: Beautiful Jade Audrey! Congratulations!

    I recently got this in the Hailey and its TDF! I carried it yesterday and I could tell people were looking at my bag, lol.
  12. Beautiful bag. I love Audrey... have 2 of them and loven em' to death.
  13. Congrats on your beautiful bag and welcome to TPF!!!
  14. Ohhhhhh I love the jade!!!!! It is stunning!!!!!!! Enjoy!
  15. Welcome to the forum! I LOVE the jade color. I think even with only the 30 + an additional 20% off you still got a fantastic price. Enjoy her!