outlet in Williamsburg, IA?

  1. Anyone been there?? Know the address?? I went to the outlet site and it doens't give an address...I think I may go next weekend :smile:
  2. Hi, I'm new here to the Forum. It's nice to know there is someone who must not be too far away from me. Yes, I know there is a Coach outlet store at the Outlets at Williamsburg (or at least there was about this time last year when I went through Iowa.) I live in Nebraska and have stopped in when traveling many times over the years. The Outlets are right off I-80, a bit west before the turn off to Cedar Rapids, and the Coach store is/was on the west side of the center. In my opinion, the store is of average size for an outlet. The inventory is o.k. to pretty good, depending on the time of year (like most outlets!) The SA's are some of the kindest I've been helped by, and they really don't seem to judge if you look right to to sale stuff, which is nice. One even pointed out a great buy on a Zoe Sig Hobo a couple of years ago that I'm still using! BTW, the Coach store is probably the most upscale store at that outlet, but if you like to shop for other stuff at outlet, the prices at that center's stores are some of the best I've seen! Hope this helps & Happy shopping...
  3. The outlet at Williamsburg is called Tanger Outlet and the Address is
    150 Tanger Drive, Williamsburg Iowa 52361!! I hope that helps!
  4. update on this outlet. They had a TON of carly!! they had some soho stuff. a few madison items.