Outlet in Tuscola IL

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  1. Has anyone been to this outlet? This is the closest outlet to me at about 3 hours away. Is it worth the trip?
  2. another TPFer use to go to this outlet and she always found great deals
    She always would call ahead and put stuff on hold -
    the drive is about the same for her
  3. I live in Kansas, but my parents live in Indiana, within easy driving distance of Tuscola (and I have family in Illinois very near Tuscola), so I've been there once. The SAs are AMAZING, and they have a great selection of MFFs and FP deletes. Definitely make the trip if you can. :biggrin:
  4. This is my closest outlet but it's still about two and a half hours for me. I've only been twice but both times have been positive for me! The SAs were very nice both times. The last time I went was on Christmas Eve. I was on the hunt for a Sabrina so I called before I went and had them hold it for me. From what I saw that trip, they had a good number of FP deletes as well as MFF items.

    If you're looking for something, I would definitely call ahead and see if they have what you're looking for before you make the trip. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?
  5. Hmm. . . how do you know what might be at an outlet? I'm still so new I don't know how the purses move from store to outlet? Or what is made specifically for the outlets! I'd have no idea what to request.

    I live in IL east of St Louis. So south of Tuscola. There is an outlet in MO as well, Osage Beach I think? It's about the same distance as the Tuscola IL one, just a bit longer I think. I'd prefer the drive to Tuscola I think.
  6. Tuscola's better for FP deletes - I've been to Osage several times. And with the weather right now, I think Tuscola is your best bet for safe driving. Both have awesome SAs, though! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks. I'm not going any time soon. I just bought a Gigi and the checkbook needs to recover! :smile:
  8. Outlets do get Full price deletes. Typically, a lot of the outlets get the same items (just in different amounts) so I normally look on the other outlet threads and then go Tuscola. I've gotten lucky that way. The outlet also has things that are made just for the outlet (MFF).

    I live in IL, east of St. Louis also. I think for me, the drive to Osage Beach is about 4 hours. I take I-70 to Tuscola and I think the drive is better for me.
  9. I'm in St. Louis; Osage Beach & Tuscola are equal distances for me. I like Osage Beach but after the last couple of trips where it was mostly factory bags, I will go back to Tuscola from now on.
  10. All of us StL people should plan a trip together! :smile:
  11. That would be an idea for when this crappy weather leaves and it warms up.
  12. ^^ That would be a lot of fun!! Definitely wait for better weather though.
  13. Oh yeah, I'm BROKE right now. But when spring hits, I think we should plan a roadtrip. I need some coach education! :smile:
  14. I agree! A road trip would be fun!! Specially if there's a coupon :biggrin:
  15. I am in central IL and about 45 min. from Tuscola. I plan on going Tuesday. Hopefully all the snow we've gotten today will be melted or at least cleaned off the roads! I can't take an interstate, just a regular highway but they should be fine by then.

    I've had some good luck at Tuscola. I've gotten a 2007 Legacy black shoulder bag (with the legacy lining) for under $100! I've also noticed they do have alot of FP deletes as well as MFF items. All of the SA's are nice except 1 older, grouchy lady, lol. I had a return one day and it must have been at the end of her shift because she was sighing and huffing and puffing the whole time. After I was finished and walked to my car, a few minutes later she came out and got in her vehicle. The manager there is awesome! Very helpful and he makes sure everyone is happy and being helped. The shelves are constantly being stocked. They do have A LOT of people that buy several, like 4 or 5, of the same bag, and they do seem to get priority, but that just gives me time to shop.