Outlet in Petaluma, CA

  1. Has anyone been to the outlet in Petaluma, CA, and is it worth the drive from San Francisco?
  2. I didn't know there was an outlet out in Petaluma...there's one in Vacaville I think. I might check that one out...the Gilroy outlet runs out of the good stuff all the time... :blah:
  3. I live in San Jose and made the drive to Petaluma. They had really nice bags that I didn't see in Gilroy. I also drove to Napa as well which was only about 30 mins. The Napa store carried "Signature" items which I have never seen at an outlet.
  4. Wow! That's great to know mellyjr! I live in Mtn View, I want to hit the Napa outlet tomorrow now! hahaha By any chance did you see any Chocolate Brown Sig totes there???
  5. I've been to the Petaluma outlet (I live in SF too) and I think they have a great selection.

    I also think that outlet has a pretty good selection of other stores, especially the Saks outlet!
  6. yeah. the vacaville one carries mainly leather &suede things. they have some signature accessories but not much.
  7. So glad to hear that! Ive been contemplating on if I wanted to go to the one in Napa or Petaluma since ive already been to the Vacaville one. I was planning on calling the outlets next week to see if they carry signature bags because I wanna go to one while Im on spring break.
  8. I got three diff choc brown sig totes and matching wallets at the Barstow, CA outlet. Actually going to take them back next week to the Santa Barbara store.
  9. REALLY?!?! I've been considering the drive from SJ and I think you just convinced me! It seriously only took 30 minutes? Soooooo excited!!!
  10. Yea that's kinda hard to believe that it only took 30mins. Which way did you take to get there?? HEHE!
  11. i also live in san jose.....i have heard the petaluma outlet carries signature...........it would actually be quite a drive i think from san jose as it is up past san francisco...may be at least a half hour or more past the city........would love to go sometime though
  12. I live in the East Bay and normally go to Vacaville - like it a lot. IMO, Napa is a smaller version of Vacaville. Petaluma is a "Signature" Outlet and the only one in our area. They do carry nice things - I've only been there once. I got a great Chelsea Optic there. I never go to Gilroy because of the drive and there are 3 closer! I'm about an hour from Petaluma, I would make the drive again. I'm not huge into Signature, so I went to get a few items to sell.

  13. I am coming to San Francisco for a vacation. I wil be staying downtown. How long will it take me to drive from San Francisco to Petaluma, and will it be easy for me to find. I was thinking about renting a car for the day to go to the outlet. Is it worth it?
  14. Hmmm...probably about an hour. It is very easy to find, right off Hwy 101, and I think you will enjoy the drive, very pretty. You may be shocked how close to SF there is farmland, which Petaluma has. And coming back into SF over the Golden Gate bridge - well it's from that area that all those pictures are taken that people love - it's beautiful.

    Oh, and make sure you get down to the wharf at least one day. I also like Ghiradelli square. I love all the shopping in and around Union Square. If you are a museum/art gallery person - they have phenomenal ones.

    I don't especially like SF for a big city, but there are some neat things to do and see. If it's not normal for you to see homeless people on a regular basis, please remember that the groups that help them always recommend to give food or drink, but not cash. 2 blocks from Union Square (the super $$ shopping area) starts the Tenderloin, one of the poorest area's in the city (very ironic). Glide Memorial Church is at the beginning of the Tenderloin and it was the church Will Smith's character stays at in "The Pursuit of Happyness". The homeless, drug addicted, and prostitution, including teen runaways :sad:, percentage in that area is way above average. When I go there, we always take a detour to the Tenderloin to give some food or drink (when cold we do hot chocolate) to people.
  15. man, i wish i had seen this post yesterday. i live in sacramento, and we drove to petaluma yesterday. had i known there was a signature factory store, i would've went there instead of stopping at vacaville. :sad: they only had the suede and leather stuff, with 3 or 4 signature bags.