Outlet in Indianapois?!

  1. Hey has anyone been to the outlet outside of Indy lately????
  2. Nope!
  3. I was two weekends ago. Pretty amazing stuff. They had Hamptons hobos for 50% so I bought one for grand total after tax of $63. Looooooots of good stuff. I recommend if you can make the drive south to Edinburgh.
  4. I went down there a couple of weekends ago ... lots of awesome bags to choose from. I picked up a signature small flap handbag in red for a great deal! I would check it out if I were you!:yes:
  5. Thanks so much im going on monday and i just wanted to make sure it would be worth the trip!
  6. Let us know what you find. Have fun! :yes:
  7. Yeah please do let us know. I was gonna try and make it up there before Xmas......
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