Outlet in Flemington NJ..


Jan 2, 2009
Yesterday me and my mom decided to take a ride to the outlets in Flemington NJ (Which is about 45 mins from my house). In June of 2010 then opened up a brand new coach outlet. OMG its beautiful! I brought some items which i will share with everyone when i get out of work.. If you live in the area go to this store! :biggrin:


King of the House
Oct 20, 2007
I was at Flemington for the first time last Monday. I agree with the OP that it is a beautiful store--big and bright with lots of merchandise. The manager there used to be at Lahaska and she is as nice as can be--her name is Monica and she's all about customer service.

Only thing about Flemington--many, many outlets there are closed. Lots of stores with papered over windows. I hope Coach does well--it may be the draw these outlets need.

By the way, for you hardcore folks, no FP deletes at all. I was so disappointed that I phoned Lahaska from the parking lot to see what they had. These two outlets are about 20 minutes apart and if you go to one you could easily go to the other.

Lahaska had plum Maggie redlined and 50% off. Do I need to tell you I stopped there on my way home??

Looking forward to seeing your goodies, OP.