Outlet in Destin Florida?

  1. My fiance and I are going to Destin Florida on our Honeymoon and I would love to know if there is a Coach outlet store there. If anyone knows the name of it or better yet has the address so I can MaqQuest it from our condo that would be great! (Maybe he will be a super awesome husband and let me pick something out)

    :heart: 84 days till the wedding :heart:
  2. I think abondonedimages goes to one in destin??
  3. thanks...and ooops my bad for posting...I should have put it in the Outlet sticky...
  4. Does anyone check the Outlet thread anymore :girlsigh:
  5. It looks like that one is close to our condo...so yay for shopping!!!!!
    I might save up a lot of $$$$ and go crazy coach shopping!!
  6. OK GET THIS...I just did a map quest from my condo to the outlet store...it actually said 24 seconds...lol...apparently its next door to the outlets..lol

    That just made my day!!
  7. OMG LUCKY YOU!!! When you get back from your trip, you have to show us all the goodies you bought.

    Sparkles-I still view the outlet stickey. Can we post if an outlet has signatures if we know for sure that they sell them at a specific outlet?
  8. ^ LOL i know you do pursefanatic. It just seriously just makes me want to kill myself everytime I see a "Do you know where this Coach outlet is.." thread bc it takes all of 4 secs to look it up :Push:
  9. ^ And yeah I think it's a fabulous idea to post the outlets where the signature line is available!
  10. sorry...didnt mean to cause problems...it was my bad
  11. LOL no worries =)
  12. Ooh yay! Someone from the PF is coming to my outlet! I wont be here at that time but thats just really cool to me, lol. Just a warning though, the girls here know my outlet has disappointed me many a times LOL But I still love it. Have fun, congratulations on the wedding and I cant wait to see pictures!
  13. Still cant wait to visit the outlet!!