Outlet haul - Madison and Taylor eyelet reveal!

  1. Seeing all the new deletes pop up at outlets in the States made me want to check out my local outlet. Went first thing this morning and although didn't see many Madisons I wanted to see (was hoping for some grey quartz saffiano, black violet saffiano, small glitter python/glitter lizard items), there was still quite a bit of stuff! I even saw the new-ish two-tone black/white python E/W Madeline, as well as the E/W Madeline in the new black/white grid print...must have been recent returns! Was tempted and tried them on, but didn't really like the print and material, so I left those behind.

    Saw this sitting on the table when I walked in... was close to paying close to $250 on e.Bay for this and got it at the outlet for $147 as it was an extra 10%. It's not perfect (the patent shows dents, creases and pits like crazy...because the material is so shiny and smooth normally!) but I've been looking around for awhile and I really don't mind them--just gives me a good reason to get good use out of it.


    Then there was this wallet that I've been eyeing for awhile even when it was in FP stores. I wanted to buy it a few times with PCE but decided not to once I got a Poppy double zip wallet/wrislet for 50% off after Christmas, and I wanted a wallet that had a wrist strap and could hold my phone. Couldn't resist this for $67!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390766651.531246.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390767400.029175.jpg

    And finally...what I initially went into the outlet for.. the Taylor eyelet satchel in putty!
    I never like any of the MFF bags because I find that the styles and leather on the FP bags are much nicer and more my style. But, I'm a sucker for eyelet (as I am for lace, ruffles, bows, pleats, gingham, and anything else girly...) and this really caught my eye when I first saw it posted on TPF.

    The leather appears to have a sheen online and it is actually slightly metallic in person...very pretty and interesting, and gives depth to this color! I saw the white and pink as well in person, and while still pretty, both were a bit too stark for my liking. The putty contrasts with the lining color which is a peachy beige, and the white and pink just lacked this contrast.

    Very happy with this bag, and the leather actually feels nicer than some of the other Taylor bags that I've touched in the past. This was $143 with the extra 10% off.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390767445.733066.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390767486.119913.jpg
  2. Love it, I saw the eyelet bags last night and they're so cute!
  3. Love your new goodies!!
  4. Nice finds! I've been looking at the putty eyelet carryall on fos for my mom & couldn't tell if it had a shimmer to it or if it was a flat color. She'd prefer a sheen & it looks like it has one.
    Can the satchel small handles fit over the shoulder comfortably?
  5. Yes I thought they were cute too. The quality is better than the laser cut Sophia's of last year
  6. That eyelet handbag is super cute!
  7. Thank you ladies! A lot of the SA's commented on how cute the eyelet design is. I'd have to agree!

    Most definitely not! Maybe if you are super thin... but even so I think it would look really awkward! This was meant to be worn as a satchel, but it does come with a longer strap to wear on the shoulder shoulder (too short for crossbody though).
  8. Love love love the wallet! I also really like the putty color and the short handles!
  9. Thanks! I love the satchel style but my mom prefers shoulder bags so I think the carryall is better for her. Your pics really showed me the slight shimmer in the leather! Ordering today w/ my extra 10% off :smile:
  10. Awesome scores!
  11. Congrats! Saw all of these at my outlet too. I ended up getting another Phoebe .. LOL!
  12. Beautiful choices!!
  13. Love the eyelet bag. Looks much better in your pics than the ones I saw online!
  14. Nice finds! I saw these eyelet bags at the outlet yesterday. I agree, they seem nice quality. I loved that Madeline when it was at FP. I talked myself out of it and bought the same patent in a card case at the outlet, just so I could have something in that pretty color. I was looking at that wallet yesterday when I bought the matching purse, but I was being good, since I don't need any more wallets. What a bargain!
  15. I love that wallet, I want one soooo bad!! But three hours from an outlet and two little girls to look after, no chance. Of course they are on eBay now for double what you paid , Karman. :/ congrats!!