Outlet goodies...who was at Vacaville this weekend?

Apr 24, 2008
City by The Bay
On our way back from Lake Tahoe, we decided to stop off at the Vacaville Outlets. I figured it wouldn't be crowded late in the afternoon on a Sunday! The Coach store was packed! I don't go very often cause it's almost 70mi from my home, but are most Coach outlets pretty busy? The SA who helped said that there's usually a line just to get in!

Anyways, here's my loot... I really wanted something in turquoise, but the Lindsay in turquoise is not presently in my budget! :tumbleweed:

I couldn't decide which charm to use! :P


Mar 15, 2008
The Vacaville Coach Outlet is simply the best Coach outlet ever in Northern California. It's always crowded there. The selection there is much, much, muuuuuuch better than the one at Folsom/Napa, CA. Now that one stinks, imo. But I'm glad you were able to pick up something nice! It's really beautiful! So the fish keyfob is already at the Outlets? Wow, that was fast! And is that Mouse keyfob exclusive to the Outlets at all? I never seen that at the Boutiques.

Congrats on the purchases! Enjoy them well.

Oh, and to answer your topic question, I haven't made a trip to the Outlets lately. It's almost an hour away from me (47 mins) and I cut down my trips there due to the gas prices. But I'll make a trip there someday in the Fall.

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Dec 29, 2007
Lovely CA
^ i agree.

the folsom outlet is poo. they are not very informative when it comes to coach, the vacaville outlet SA's know their stuff.