Outlet finds - hooray!

  1. So yesterday when I went to the outlet to inquire about this matter I ended up shopping anyway!

    No pictures yet (I'm experiencing a state of purse-paralysis, can't decide what to use, and my camera has become a casualty of that indecision. I put it somewhere!) but here's what I found:

    -Green Hamptons Weekend Demi Satchel ($67!!)
    -A bunch of letter and punctuation/symbol charms - I spelled out my daughter's name and got a peace sign, exclamation point, question mark, and happy face - $10 each!
    -Plain plain plain black wristlet - I had one from ages ago, too old to repair the broken piping, and was stoked to find them at the outlet! Don't know what they're called - they are totally plain, with minimal stitching. Don't remember how much that was.
    -Red leather mini skinny
    -Soho framed wristlet (don't know if that's what it's supposed to be called, but whatever. it's cute!

    Glee, glee glee! I may just use the green hamptons demi satchel INSIDE my ergo, since I want to use them both!
  2. great finds!

    SUPER price on the charms!! woo hoo!
  3. Sweet! They had the charms for $10 when I went last too. Great finds. Can't wait to see pics!
  4. Congrats on all of your great outlet finds!
  5. That's so awesome!
  6. Yay! Can't wait for pics :smile:
  7. W:huh:t! :yahoo:

    I :heart: outlet finds!

    Sounds like you got some good ones! :yes:
  8. I almost got the demi too last time I went to the outlets!

    Great choices!
    Congratulations!!! I :heart: Coach outlets!
  9. Congrats! that demi is soo cute-I love that green color
  10. OK, some pictures...

    Sami's letters (with her favorite crab toy):

    and being chewed by Sami...

    Green demi satchel and peace sign!

    Framed wristlet:

    Plain ol' wristlet:

    Mini skinny and charms:
  11. Great pics!

    And Sami is adorable! :yes:
  12. Oooh so cute! Super finds!

    I would love the "M" in that color rather than the color they have currently in the stores.
  13. Great finds! And love the pictures! You daughter is just precious!

    I locked right in on that red mini skinny! LOVE it!!! And the green demi and the peace sign, too.

    I wish I lived near an outlet... :crybaby:
  14. Great buys!! And Sami is a-dor-a-ble!!!!
  15. Great stuff!!! I am getting very anxious to visit my outlet but I still have 2 months to wait :crybaby: