outlet find!=)

  1. bought these from burberry outlet.... reminds me of dr. scholls cuteness with hint of luxury=)
  2. Yay! SOOO CUTE! They look SO COMFY!! :smile: WOW! What a great find! :smile:
  3. Congrats on your find, really cute!
  4. cute! how much were they? i love burberry shoes :smile:.
  5. they were on sale for 70! good deal made it easy to buy=)
  6. WOW, what a good deal! Congratulations! I love deals like this that don't require too much thinking lol.
  7. You got it for an awesome price.
  8. Very cute, great for the summer.
  9. Those are super cute! :love:
  10. OMG, those are so cute! I love the buckles!
  11. cute! :smile:
  12. What a great find!! I love the white, looks good against the tan
  13. Wow... that's such a good buy!!! THey look so comfy... I need a pair of those!!!
  14. soooooo cute
  15. Very cute!!
    Where do you shop @ a Burberry outlet?