outlet experts: what to expect mini skinny wise?

  1. after being disapointed on the chambray blue leather that i passed buying another regular skinny at the fourth of july sale, i still need to replace my other one, what do they usually carry mini skinny wise?
  2. I've only seen the leather ones for about $26.00 at the outlets I'm not sure but it might be an additional 20% off of that. Is that what your asking or are you asking what can fit in a mini skinny?
  3. Macy's had the black mini skinny 30% about a week ago.

    Sorry the black mini signature mini skinny.

    SO it was about $26 as I think retail is $38 off hand.
  4. Yeah at my outlet, all the more recent mini skinnys dont get discounted all that much and theres no additional 20% off :sad:
  5. This sounds like a good deal compared to the outlets cause you don't have to drive far to it (unless you live close to an outlet). I rarely see signarute mini skinnies at the outlets for some reason. Only the leather (legacy line I think) ones.
  6. I didn't see any mini skinnies at the Vegas outlet for some reason... but at the TN outlet I've seen a lot of the mini signature ones in brown and black. They were about $26 there too with no extra 20% off.

    The Macy's deal sounds just as good.. I might have to stop by there sometime :biggrin: