Outlet + Dillard's haul

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  1. Went back to the outlet this past weekend to pick up a couple of items I had in charge hold and ended up finding a few goodies.

    The ocelot phoebe and the small cross body were the ones I went to pick up, but once there, I saw the shoulder flap bag in black (I love this style) and the small Sadie in scarlet (which I always thought it was kind of small for me but after posing with her I loved how it looked) and the zebra crossbody (in clearance 65% +10%), So I ahd to get them. I actually got 3 of the zebra cbs, one for me and 2 for gifts!

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  2. Then my haul from Dillard's got delivered today!

    I got this scarlet tote for my mom

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  3. And these for me

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  4. awesome haul!
    i think i know what your favorite colors are! :smile:

  5. Thank you!
    Funny you say that. Actually my favorite color is blue, but I have a tendency to get red bags too!
    And I can never escape black purses.
  6. Man I wish we had a Dillard's here!
  7. So many beautiful bags MaryBel! Congrats! That last one is calling my name :smile:
  8. Great haul...love the clutches and the Phoebe! Heck, I like them all! lol

  9. I don't have one either. Online!

  10. Thank you GF!
    I wonder why...You have your wild side on lately ;)
  11. Awesome haul! Which outlet did you go to?

  12. Thank you! I was not going to get the all black shoulder bag but the SA convinced me it was very different to the python one. Also, one silver and the other gold hw. I'm so easy :lol:

  13. Thank you!
    Tulalip, in WA (Seattle area)
  14. I'm going to Seattle in a few weeks but we are taking the bolt bus so I won't have my car or I would check out that outlet. I like to see what different outlets have compared to my local one.
  15. Great items! Congrats!