Outlet coupon this week?

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  1. anyone know if there will be a coupon this week?
  2. I was at the outlet today and my SA said that there will probably be a coupon next week.
  3. The email coupons usually come out on Wednesdays so we might have a good idea tomorrow. A few weeks ago, there was no email coupon but the outlets released an in-store coupon the following Sunday.
  4. I was at the outlet today and they weren't handing any out
  5. Did anyone get a coupon via email this morning????
  6. I didn't get any. Usually, I'll get them on tuesday afternoons if they are active that following wednesday. Are they handing them out at the door?
  7. No coupons today ;(
  8. *Drat* :sad:
  9. I had a feeling they wouldn't have a coupon today with the new floor set. I just called the outlet in Atlantic City and they have the new MFF Ashley's out. Darn! ):
  10. My outlet was eerrily empty when they don't hand out coupons at the door.
  11. Sorry, this may be the wrong place for this question, but I went to my local outlet on Monday to do a return and saw the Purple Embossed Exotic Maggie (which I'd just purchased at the boutique back in July? during a prior PCE), so I picked it up and took it up to the register asking if they were passing out any coupons today and the SA said no.

    So I said I was going to pass on getting the Maggie but presented the two items (wallet & cosm.case) I wanted to return. She then asked me if what I was returning was bought during one of the coupon periods and I said yes, so she told me that they were allowed to extend the addtl. 20% off promotion if someone was returning something (didn't have to be the same item) that WAS purchased during the 20% promotion....Of course, I jumped on getting the Maggie when I heard that.

    Is this some new policy? I was really shocked but of course I wasn't going to argue!!! Has this happened to anyone else at their outlet recently?
  12. I think it depends on the store BUT my stores does it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I never knew about this, but recently both my fp store and outlet told me the same thing
  14. My outlet does that too, but I have to be purchasing the same kind of item to have the discount applied (return a purse to get the discount on a purse). When I returned a wristlet, they wouldn't extend the discount to a purse.
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    A couple weeks ago I asked this at the outlet when I was returning a bag I purchased with a 20% off coupon and the sa said no. I was returning the bag because it had issues with the zipper and she still said no. I should have asked someone else she had a real sour look on her face!

    ETA...I just called the Atlantic City outlet and asked if I was to return a bag that I purchased with a 20% off coupon and bought another bag would they extend the coupon to me on the new bag? Again the answer was no. Then the sa said to me we haven't given out the 20% off coupons in a long time. I couldn't help myself and said to her you just had them on Sunday and today's Weds., I don't consider that a long time! What planet is she on? 3 days is a long time?