Outlet Coupon Question

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  1. Do the outlets only hand out the 20% coupon when there are coupons available online or are they doing this all the time now? I usually only go when I have a coupon that I printed from home just to be on the safe side but I wanted to make sure that even during the time when 20% aren't online that they are still handing them out at the door. Does anyone know?

  2. The ones they hand out in the store don't always correspond perfectly to the ones online, sometimes the dates are a couple of days different. My friend got one in the mail and online that was good a couple of days after the last outlet one they had. I'd say call your outlet and ask before you go, then you know whether or not to bring your online one.
  3. I always print one or two from home even though i know they gonna handing them out at door.Just in case.
  4. I was discussing this with an SA & she mentioned they are handing them out today. The online one just ended recently. She said if we don't hand them out, no one comes n the store.
  5. I've just heard that they will be giving out the coupons through the 28th!
  6. I will be heading back to the outlets next weekend, the 6th...Does anyone know if they will still be handing out the coupons? Or if they will be available online?
  7. I just received a coupon in my e-mail for 20% off through February 28.
  8. Thank you Wils8262!!
  9. Another question on the coupons, please. I received a coupon today, but I'm not at home and I have a notebook computer, but no printer! Do I need an actual printed copy of the coupon or will the number at the bottom be enough? Thank you so much.
  10. They usually have them passing out at the outlets anyway so you should be safe.
  11. thank you

    just going to have to check out my outlet

    what is the best day to go? is there one?