Outlet Clearance Surprise

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  1. I work at the outlet mall in Tannersville, PA so every now and then (read: every day) I swing through to check out the clearance section, because sometimes they have amazing things in there. Since joining tpf, my lamentations over being a broke freshman when the Legacy collection came out have been renewed, so I was especially surprised to find a Leigh Signature Pocket Flap in the clearance section!


    For a brief moment I thought, "Nah, this isn't possible. Must be some MFF they found when cleaning the stock room." But when I checked the tag the style number was 11141 with no "F" preceding it. I asked the SA and she said it was a transfer they recently received, so apparently, there are still <i>some</i> floating around out there somewhere.

    Anyway, I thought sharing this would make a great first post! So, here it is and hello!
  2. Welcome! And awesome find!
  3. welcome!! awesome find!!!
  4. Amazing find, and congrats!
  5. :tup: Greeeaaaaaat find!!! Welcome to the Forums!
  6. Wow! That's some find!! Congrats! And welcome to TPF!! :welcome2:
  7. Wow I can't believe you just found that! Great find!
  8. Can I ask what the price was? That sure is an awesome find!
  9. Wow, great find...You were in the Right place at the Right time,lol....She's a Beauty..Welcome TPF and Congrat's on your new bag...:smile:
  10. Welcome!!! Oh My Gosh!!! Gorgeous Bag! I don't live near an outlet, but if I did and if I was fortunate enough to find a Legacy bag there, I would definitely have the same reaction you did! Fabulous find...Way to go!
  11. Congrats!!
  12. Congrats, that's a fabulous bag!!!
  13. whoa! Lucky you! Congrats..
  14. Wow what a score! I'd die if I found one! Enjoy!
  15. Fabuous find! Welcome to tPF!
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