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  1. Well - to join the outlet Lily - here is a pic. of an outlet Bridgit - did not like her that much - miss the kisslock on the back - not as edgy as original Bridgit - sorry dont have a price or any other info - was in a hurry

    oh, and the outlet did a price adjustment for me - so dont believe everything you read on your coupons
  2. I suggest we call her Fidgit, not bridgit :smile: She's a fake bridgit :smile:
  3. Yeah Fidgit - LOL
  4. I have the FP Store one and these are just as nice... I love the Bridgit, either way...

    How much were they... Enjoy
  5. ^^I agree. I think the MFF Bridgit is just as cute as the FP Bridgit!
  6. Im going to have to see them IRL to decide but it doesnt look that bad from the pics.
  7. lol, i have to agree. i just cannot warm up to the mff leather. also, is the turnlock on the zipper eliminated on these? you know, the one where the zipper tab locked down? i just don't understand why if you are going to repeat a style, you don't keep it the same details. jmho.
  8. I got a "Fidget" yesterday.. It comes in brown, green, and a metallic, maybe others, but my outlet didn't have them. It was $99 with 20% off, plus the coupon's 20%, so around $63 plus tax.
  9. hey I'd get a Fidget for $63 bucks!
  10. Wow, only $63! I'd get it for that.

    I've been wanting a Bridgit, but seems like everyone on ebay wants $200+ for them!
  11. What's the style #
  12. Or a faux bridgit! I definitely prefer the first generation of bridgit, but for people who missed out or can't find one (that isn't overpriced) I think this is a neat alternative.
  13. Congrats! I have the original Bridgit in platinum and I still think these MFF ones are adorable... and for that price, why not? :P These would make a great gift, too:tup:

    And Bunny I like the name "fidget", lol!

    Nancy, thanks again for the spy pics...:urock:!!!
  14. Awww, I like it...even if y'all call her Figit! Poor thing, she's just trying to keep up with Fily! :roflmfao: LOL!!
  15. Wow, I wish my outlet would be getting in Fidgits and Fily's! I'd be fine by that, especially at those prices! :graucho: