Outlet Booty

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  1. The outlets are bursting with new merchandise. Glad I did not buy full price at boutique. After today I am totally banned - my New Years ban was broken so now I am on a Lunar New Years ban -

    Congrat! All pieces look are lovely.
  3. OHOHOHOH A HAVERSACK!!!!! Can I ask how much she was??????
  4. My husband got me the cashmere legacy stripe scarf for Xmas...you're going to love it!! I don't even want to ask how much it was!
  5. That haversack is beautiful!!!
  6. Just saw the haversack at my local department store and was "bowled over" by how large it is!!! I was thinking to myself...I could make that work! UGH!

    Gorgeous Nancy!!!

    <-----------------------Drooling AND jealous!!!!!!
  7. oooh, those gloves are sweet! makes me wanna go to the outlet.
  8. I'm absolutely loving that Haversack! You picked up some great, colorful items. Congrats on your haul!
  9. Haversack: $224.99
    Legacy Cashmere: $49.99
  10. I need that Haversack! :drool: Nice haul! Love all the colors.
  11. OMG! That's a real bargain on that scarf...I'm definitely not telling hubbie about that!
  12. Great haul!! Love the Haversack!! I would almost kill for one in pink!!:faint:
  13. The Haversack is beautiful! I can't believe it's already at the outlet. I wish it came in 'regular' leather, not just suede.
  14. You're so lucky! Great haul!
  15. awesome purchases!