Outlet bag suitable for 10 year old?

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  1. I'm taking my girls shopping in Myrtle Beach this weekend, and I'm planning on buying my 10 year old her first Coach bag. She carries a bag religiously and is currently carrying a medium-sized white leather Kathy Van Zeeland. She wanted to carry one of my Coach bags but they are just too big for her. I know the swing pack is a good possibility, are there any others of a good size for her? Anyone know the price ranges of the swing pack and similar sizes?
  2. My dd is 12 and she carries a mini Willis ( got it when she was 11 ), I paid $97 at the outlet for it.
  3. They're def less than $100 and a swingpack sounds like the perfect bag!
  4. My daughters are 6 & almost 4. They love purses & I've been tempted to buy my 6 y/o the cute heart mff swing pack that's at the outlet now. I can't remember the price but it's probably in clearance now so probably around $50.
  5. The Peyton Mini Satchels are cute and so are the FP Saffiano Mini Satchels, some of which are still in outlets. The bags are similar.
  6. Yes! I think a swingback or the small saffiano cross body .. Not sure of the name but saw them today so cute.
  7. My outlet was overrun with satchels this weekend if she likes that style. With the 50% plus 10% this weekend, they would have probably been around $100. And the swingpacks are always there for a little bit less that that. I know you'll check out clearance but mine had a small colorblock bag that I can not remember the name of that was on clearance for $70 with an additional 10% off if she likes funky colors. It was very cute and I thought if my nieces were a bit older and cared, it would make a great little girl bag.

  8. Totally agree with cheapskate, the Peyton mini satchels would be really cute for her. Swing packs would also be a safe bet.
  9. The Avery Small Hobo would be perfect and it comes in some fun colors.
  10. My twins are 11 and both have swingpacks that they love and carry all the time
  11. My daughters love tokidoki and hello kitty bags, they have Coach swing packs from outlet but not as excited about those.
  12. Hope you girls will have a nice trip at the outlet this weekend. Check out the deletes while you're there... FOS sometimes has nice deleted swingpacks and small bags. Deletes are usually better quality and might cost less than factory bags. That said, it totally depends on who's carrying the bag.

    My 9 yr old knows the difference between deletes and MFF, and leather v.s. non-leather. She had chosen the robin Legacy penny as her first Coach bag. Now she uses it whenever she gets a chance to. I think it'll be so cool if one day she gets to show that to her daughter.

    However my 10 yr old tomboy picked the lemon Legacy mini duffle but end up not using it all all! Have I known that I would have taken her purse shopping at Claires instead.
  13. I like the idea of the Mini Willis if you are lucky enough to find one for her, SO cute.
  14. I wonder if some of the crossbody straps would be too long for a 10 year old. I highly recommend a bag like my Peyton violet. I don't know if they still have them at the outlets but seems the perfect size for a 10 year old and it is really lightweight.