Outlet and Store to return. Cannot give anything back. Abandonment Issues, Help!!!!

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  1. Something is indeed wrong with ME. I think I need a Coach Intervention. I went to the outlet to specifically return my signature and whiskey Legacy slim flap after a million tries to make them work. EEEEK. I had gotten the large multistripe with the patent leather strap and wristlet. I discovered after much scientific research not only do I have abandonment issues with my bags but also when a strap is thick and have heavy hardware hooks on my shoulder, that is what causes back pain right away. So, I go with the disgusted DH today toting all the bags to the outlet to see if they have anything new to exchange these bags for. I have a nice SA there that is always on the lookout for a good buy for me. So she looks at them all and knows the problem with weight for me and says: "Lynn, I love the signature multi stripe and shows me how to slouch it. Keep that one. And oh, I love the signature slim flap.too. And for the whiskey flap, too heavy for you". I would give that one back when you are ready to part with it. Never do it if you are not ready..like a breakup with a boyfriend. EEEEK. 10 ladies run to the table where we are looking at them and almost grab them. Then I am really not sure I want to leave them anywhere without their mother. lol.. So she says, well hold on to them and see , for there is no hurry. See which bag you wake up thinking of most...I then stopped in my favorite Coach store in the mall...no bag in hand so not to scare them. My favorite guy SA said, well , where are the legacy's Lynn? I said in the car..He said look, I love talking to you and we have so much fun, but no more legacy for you. Hold them until you see a bag you love and it is not heavy. He told the DH I have a legacy fixation and I cannot wear them at all. I really do not blame him for they have to wrap them up and send them back and they lose their totals for the day in sales. I was soooo embarrassed. By the way, the satchel that had a flaw that I returned was signature khacki on the sides and the one in the catalog was not the same. It was a dark brown. ACCCCCK...HELP
  2. Lynn, it sounds like you are thinking about your bags too much. I have the same problem, have been contemplating all weekend, whether or not the Ali would be better for me than my legacy shoulder. But the thought of selling the shoulder makes me sad so I have decided to keep it. It is roomy enough and I have plenty of large totes.
    I agree with your SA that the legacy bags are too heavy for you. Do you have a signature shoulder tote? Those seem lightweight and comfortable. A soho hobo may be a leather that is light enough for you.
  3. I do not have a soho leather hobo or a signature shoulder tote, I have a pebbled brown shoulder tote and the new multicolor stripe tote which does have the brasshooks on the strap of the patent leather and that makes it heavy. I know I have to part with the legacy, eventually. I will, I do think about the perfect fit...lol..the perfect bag. Life is just not like that or that important to focus on a bag..but I do it. lol
  4. I agree with this. I can't believe I"m about to say this, but they are just purses. From someone else with a major back problem (been disabled for 1.5yrs cant walk without a cane and leg brace), it's not worth a cute bag to have a hurt back.
  5. Lynn though I love Coach, you may have better luck with a lesportsac. They are super lightweight and have adjustable straps.
  6. Oh court, what do you carry for comfort?
    BTW cute kitty!
  7. Lynn, if you love the legacy, then what about returning all the bags and getting a whiskey wristlet? That way you will have a legacy "bag" that you can carry when you just have a couple of things and still have the feel and look of the legacy line? Or, if you can't part with it, then just keep the bag as a "collector's item" and realize that you will never be able to comfortably carry it.
  8. What a good idea!
  9. I love the look of the legacy also but have had issues with the weight and the bulkiness of them. I do have a signature Ali, which is a little lighter, but not much. I did just go and buy the ergo hobo in vachetta and I really like it! It is really light and hold a lot without adding weight. I decided that the hobo worked better for me than the tote but I may go back and get the tote in another color because its such a comfortable bag. Best of luck in your search!
  10. Lynn, I second Coach bag and luvshooping90's suggestion! The Ergo's are extremely light. Some have a turnlock touch of "legacy hardware." Get a Legacy Accessory carry it in a nice light ergo! There is a balance w/o too much compromise, then maybe go to a park, the beach, get your mind off the bags . . . It can create anxiety pre-occupation, of wanting and searching, deciding. You gotta take a hiatus for yourself's sake!
  11. Thanks for posting that....AMEN...they are just purses..and things like we saw this last week make that seem so small in the scheme of things. I do have a legacy striped wristlet and I have a signature khacki and espresso wristlet and a striped scarf..So today the whiskey goes back, tomorrow...maybe that large multi striped print that is trendy. Nest day the siggie slim flap. Thanks...One day at a time. One bag at a time..
  12. Today no BAG obsessing...none..I think you are absolutely correct. I cannot keep things in glass cabinets to view, there is being honest with oneself. Just cannot wear heavy stuff and there are much worse things out there in this crazy world. The ergo hobo In the large I just do not like too big...I like the white best which I do not need, I have the white pleated hobo, a pretty light bag and I had returned the Ergo large in tan and black, that could be cleaned. The vinage cannot and I had gotten a discount talked into it by my SA during the PCE event. Too big. Today is another day and I am going to do things for me, beach, hair no obessing. Thanks :heart:
  13. Thanks so much for all of your support. I cannot just be like everyone else, it hurts and even if I love it , it is just not for me...No more shopping this week....I am returned all 3 bags with hooks...done Thanks !!!!
  14. I think I will return it. There are more important issues out there...and it scratches anyway...to make myself feel better....lol..thank you..so much
  15. thanks, I like him!

    I carry just a wristlet a lot, but I can handle a heavier bag for shorter things, I don't go far, I can't drive, so it's not like I'm walking all over creation carrying a big heavy purse. But, on the bright side, I am finally getting better and when I do, I'm getting me a Mandy!!