Outlet and Ebay Finds...-

  1. After reading Kat's post about the ergos hitting the outlet I decided to go check it out for myself.
    They had the scarf print hobos and totes, leather ergo hobos and totes and even the patent leather ergo in white mark down to 319 PLUS 20% OFF. This really upsets me because I bought a small turquoise hobo and a red patent ergo during pce.
    I decided to return my small hobo and get the large from the outlet it was ONLY 201+tax. Can you believe it? That's the price of the small damn hobo I bought.
    They also had all the sig cotton bags, the shoulder bags, shoulder flaps, satchels and carlys. They also had the jade carlys and the denim carlys are redlline mark downs!
    In addition, they had the watercolor bags, watercolor hat and the scarf print hat. Both hats are still available on coach.com for full price.
    This is so sh*tty. After PCE I'll be done with retail for awhile.

    Here's a pic of what I picked up.
    I returned my breast cancer keyfob (58 bucks was a little too much.) I also returned my straw basket and my citron shoulder bag because I realized they weren't practical.

    In exchange I bought the monkey key fob, question mark keyfob, scarf, blue coin purse, legacy foldover wristlet, "R" initial keyfob (not pictured) and the other bags (watercolor hobo, watercolor pouch (for niece, not pictured) pear hobo and turquoise hobo) from the outlet.

    The hamptons green tote and the hamptons lime green hobo are eBay finds.
    The Mandy is from PCE but I wanted to share her because this was her first weekend out with her new friends the lion, monkey and "?."

    Oh I also ordered this generic watermelon coin purse from eBay. [​IMG]
    As you can see, I'm obsessed with the coach one that I can't find.
    The SO looked at it and said, "UHM, EW, It's not Coach." LOL Oh well, it will hold me over until I can find one.
  2. PyAri you got some good stuff..my outlet did not have anything!!!
  3. I called my outlet also, when I asked about the Ergos the SA was giving me attitude telling me that ergos are in the boutiques and there is no way they would be in the outlets yet,, lol,, Ummm ok lady. I wanted an Ergo:sad:
  4. Well, PyAri, I'm glad my Ergo thread moved you to spend more of your hard earned money at the outlet!


    Seriously, PyAri, it is all GORGEOUS! Just gorgeous!:tup:

    Now we need a whole group pic of everything you have purchased this year!:wtf:
  5. Wow!!! I can't believe they have all that stuff!!! I'm trying to stay away from my outlet for fear of spending, spending, spending......

    I can't believe they have the pear hobo, watercolor, ergos, etc. I would be really upset had I purchased one of those. In fact, during PCE, I was going to order the turquoise hobo, but the SA said it was "out" in the warehouse. Geez.
  6. OMG! You are my hero!!! You have the most beautiful bags and you have spectacular taste! Your new Mandy is just beautiful! I hope to add her to my collecion someday!
  7. Good finds! :tup: And to think I was going to get an Ergo hobo with PCE next week. I think I'll call my outlet tomorrow. :biggrin:
  8. OMG!!! I love it ALL! Congrats! Can I ask how much the watercolor hobo was? and how much they had the jade Carlys marked down to?
  9. Great stuff, I always enjoy your pics
  10. Congrats! :yahoo:Did you go to the Williamsburg outlet? If so, I'm glad to see they have watercolor! I'm going there for the 4th of July sale & I'm hoping they'll have some then!
  11. Thank you ladies =)
    Yes, that's the one.

    Sure =) The watercolor hobo was 139.99 plus 20% off and the jade carlys, I can't remember the price for all the different styles (Satchels, carlys, etc) but the shoulder bag was ONLY 229 PLUS 20% OFF!
  12. That is so sweet of you. If nothing else you should definitely considering getting a Mandy. I've been putting off and putting off, but I finally got her and I'm regretting waiting so long. She's just stunning!
  13. Get out! OMG that totally motivates me to get off my a** and hit the outlet on Tues. I'm going to try and get both if my outlet has them! As far as buying anything at the boutique anymore....forget it! Those outlet prices are a steal!
  14. man i want the watercolour hobo... my store sold out of it so fast!!
  15. Congrats on everything! It is all so beautiful! Enjoy!
    I am not done with retail as there are certain bags which are not easy to find at the Outlets (Legacy). I guess as long as I like the bags in the future Legacy Collections I will most likely continue to purchase at the Coach Boutiques. For other stuff I will try to wait for an Outlet find which for me is difficult as sometimes I need instant gratification.