Outlet advice, please?

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  1. Hi to everyone, I have a question about an item I purchased at my local outlet the other night.

    I called the outlet store and asked if they had any Zoe zip around wallets - in copper. They told me they had one left, in copper, and that they would be happy to hold it for me for 48 hours. I specifically asked the SA if she was certain that it was copper. She assured me that it was. I made the trip there and I was running a bit late so I ran inside, asked for the wallet, and paid for it. I only had a moment to look at it, and in the store lighting without my reading glasses on, it looked like the right color to me.

    I did not open the bag until just a little while ago, and when I did, much to my surprise it was antique gold, not copper. I bought this wallet to go with my Leather Zoe bag, which is copper. Its too late right now to call the outlet store but I am hoping that someone might have suggestions about how I should handle this when I do call the store? Would an outlet store be able to somehow do a search on their computer to see if one is available at some other location. and maybe it could be shipped to my local outlet store? Is there anything they can do in this sort of situation to assist me in finding the correct color wallet?

    Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Call and ask to speak to the manager on duty, explain the situation! I know I've heard other stories of gal's picking something up quickly or making a long drive for a specific item, later to find it was not the correct color/style etc. I would ask if they do infact have the EXACT (have the style# and color code ready) wallet you are seeking. If they don't I would ask them to do a search...and if they find one at anothet outlet request that it be shipped to yours at NO COST to you! They should compensate you somehow for the trouble! Now, I know OP are going to say that you should've checked the item better before purchasing, but even if you HAD and noticed you still would have made a special trip for NOTHING. I would hope that they would have the wallet shipped either to you with a charge-send or to the store for an exchange and waive any shipping charges that may be incurred!!! Good Luck!

    ***I drive 1 1/2 hours to my outlet so I would have been PO'd had this happened to me! You cannot however count on the SA's to always know what they are talking about. I had my Gigi with me 2 weeks ago at my outlet and the SA asked me if it was a "new release" on Coach.com!!!!! LOL
  3. Thanks so very much for the reply. That is great advice, and I will definitely call them this morning. The drive there is usually only a half hour for me, but in this case I was out shopping at a mall in another state when I called them and asked about the wallet. In short, it was about a two hour drive there, and then a half hour back home for me. I had been at the Coach store in the mall looking for this wallet, and they told me they no longer carried that color. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was to call the outlet store. Oh well, lesson learned!

    But thanks so much for your advice. I'll do exactly as you said first thing in the morning. Maybe with a little luck, things will work out? I hope so.
  4. I had this exact same thing happen to me when I went to get my carly. I wanted the khaki carly with beet trim. I called the outlet and they told me yes, they had 2 of them. I drove over an hour, got there about 10 minutes before they closed and didn't really look at it too well and with the lighting in there, I thought it was beet. I got it home and it was plum trim not beet.
    Luckily for me, I ended up loving the plum trim better than I did the beet anyway so, I kept the bag but, if I were in your shoes, I would definately call and have them check around for you. I would make sure to ask them to look at the tag if they do find one to make sure it is the actual color you are looking for.
  5. I am in agreement with lovecoachmore....... the outlet made the mistake on the color so they should be willing to make it right.

    I realize that it must be hard for the outlets SAs to keep up with the colors and styles because they change so often but......
    It is their job and their responsibility to make sure that when someone calls to see if a specific item is there (or not) they are 100% certain that it is the correct item when answering you when saying they have it there.

    Since you drove a very long way the least they can do is to locate and ship to you the correct color wallet.
    Or have them have it sent to their store and hold it for you to do an exchange whenever you can make the drive back there.

    This has happened to me in the past and I was pretty pi**ed!
    And I dont have a super far drive there either.
  6. Oh that happened to me once and I was very upset. I was told I had a Leigh on charge hold, and when I got there it was a shoulder bag. Definitely confirm style numbers and color codes if you can.
  7. Thanks so much to everyone who replied. I haven't called the outlet store yet since I have been busy with other things and I have to be leaving for an appointment in just a few minutes.

    If anyone is interested, I will post the outcome later on after I have spoken with the manager of the store.

    Thanks again for the replies. I do appreciate your feedback, and advice.
  8. That's happened to me before too! Almost exactly the same situation, distances and all, except that I was at another outlet when I called. I'm sure they will correct the problem and try to get you the correct color. Good luck!
  9. I know its been a while, but here is a quick update. I called the outlet store and explained my situation to the manager. She put me on hold, then came back on the phone to tell me they had the wallet I wanted, in copper. I had to make another trip there, yes, but I am very pleased with the wallet. I'm just so glad I went that first day because I was ready to spend $238 at the FP store for the same wallet and ended up getting it for much less at the outlet store.
  10. I tried to find this post yesterday after going to the Clinton outlet. I sawthey had a few of them in copper on clearance. Glad to see that you got the one you wanted :tup: I really love the zip around wallets so much!