Outlet adventure reveal!

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  1. So I got went to my outlet with my credit from Jax and this is what I got. :yahoo:
  2. Let's see!!
  3. i wanna see :biggrin:
  4. I wanna see!! :yahoo:
  5. Im here!!
  6. This is the little bag of goodies

  7. I wanna see!
  8. Take it OFFFF! :graucho:
  9. And here's what's inside.
  10. oh i love the Goldie. is she at the outlet already??
  11. Yes!!!! I did find Goldie at the outlet! I was sooo Shocked! I snatched her up right away and the cupcake! I've been looking for that forever! And they 6 of the them there! Oh and I got this too.

  12. AHHH!! They are all so GOSHDARN CUTE!!! Now tell us, how good of deals didja get on 'em? :graucho:

  13. Ohhhh, LOVE HER! :yahoo:
  14. Yay!! Great stuff! Love the cupcake and the goldie!
  15. And the best part is altogther, they were $170!! The little coin purse was marked down to $20 and Goldie and the cupcake were $29 plus the 20% off. The Hippie was $115 after all the markdowns. I LOVE THE OUTLET!