Outlet 50% off prices

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  1. I went to my outlet today as I was in need of some retail therapy. I immediately go to the 50% off section, and the sA comes over to me and says "everything that is 50% off, take another 25% off!" I was like :nuts:.
    Is everyone else finding that at their outlets? I had no idea!!! Woo hoo!!! Will post what I got in another thread when I can borrow a camera - mine is in the shop and I am going crazy without it.
  2. sweet lord!!! say it aint so!!!!
  3. wow! 75% off? perhaps I need to make a trip to dawsonville.
  4. i just got off the phone with them, they said they aren't doing any additional discounts today
  5. :roflmfao::graucho::yahoo::woohoo::happydance: = me

    :nono: = my wallet!!
  6. This sounds like maybe a one store sale????

  7. thanks for checking and saving me the trip!
  8. wowzers!

    It's not really 75% off, but it's a hella deal!

    For example:
    Ticket = $100
    - 50% = $50
    - 25% = $37.50

    So, it's really 62.5% off.
    You're paying 37.5% of the $100 ticket price.

  9. I just called the Dolphin Mall outlet and they told me that there is an additional 50% on the Clearance items.... OMG, OMG OMG... Tell me it ain't so.
  10. Wow, really?! No one else is having that? Well, my outlet is Jackson for any NJ girls. I got a Bonnie leather satchel for $174 and the matching wristlet for $40.

  11. That is the usual discount. 50% off of redline.
  12. I told myself that I wasn't going to buy any more bags for a while but if there really is a 50%+25% off sale I might just have to head back to my local outlet (Potomac Mills).
  13. Hmmm... those sound like the average prices for those pieces. I know I got my Bonnie wristlet with 50% off redline for $39.99...
  14. LOL Im so bad with percentages - is that just the 50% off? I wonder why she came up to me and said that? But the wristlet was marked at $98, so even at 50% off it would be more than $39.99, right? The bag was red marked at $349.99, so I guess the $174 was only 50% off. Oh well! I got so excited!! Still think I got a great price - sorry if I miscommunicated here. I was just saying what the SA told me!
  15. honey I was going to leave work early - I called two of my outlets and they said no additioanl of ;(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.