Outlander coming to Starz 2014

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  1. I love big books too! That's actually how I initially found the series. At the time there were only 5, but I figured if I liked them I had lots of reading to do. Hit the jackpot IMO.

  2. wow - me,too! i was looking for a big book to read and i found it at a book sale. read through it and went to amazon to find out about diana. and that is when i discovered it was part of a series she was writing! i ordered all the other ones and started from the beginning with outlander and i have not stopped since!
  3. I'm browsing amazon now and they're not numbered! Which is which?!? Hmm I need to do more intensive Googling!!

  4. Go to her website - her name .com
    She has them listed in order. Outlander is the first one.
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462598248.201960.jpg

    My Mother's Day weekend is starting off great!! I just bought book one and am enjoying it with a salad lunch AND a frozen margarita!! ️️️
  6. I hope this isn't a spoiler but to those who read all the books, do they all follow the story of Jamie and Claire? I am hoping so!
  7. Yes they do and they include their extended family as well.

  8. That's awesome, I was hoping to would be like a series where each book has a different time travel kind of couple. I have grown fond of these 2 and I've only watched the show haha
  9. I originally only saw the trailer for the show and it looked interesting. I had no idea that it was based on a book. So I picked up the book and absolutely fell in love with the characters. I read the next three books in a period of about a month. The third book is my absolute favourite so hopefully they'll get renewed for a third season.

  10. 99.9% of fans say the same thing! we all love Voyager!

  11. It's the best and we'll get to meet Brianna!

    When does young Ian come into the picture? I can't remember...
  12. Young Ian comes in the picture from the beginning of Voyager. Jamie hides with him after he's born when English soldiers come around.
    When Jamie goes to confession with him and he tells Jamie that the priest said Jamie was very wicked was so hilarious!

  13. after Jamie - young Ian is my favorite!!!! he,Jamie and Murtagh (from the tv show) are my top 3! in the books Murtagh is nothing like what we are seeing on screen. but everyone says young Ian should be showing up next season because we are heading into Voyager book. and i am so looking foward to it.

    Brianna is another story! LOL she worked my last good nerves sometimes with her attitude and Claire calling her "baby" all the time!:lol: poor Jamie had his hands full trying to deal with those women of his!
  14. I can't say I really like Claire this season. She was a little headstrong and annoying in season 1, but a lot more this time around. I felt bad at her Breaking up Mary and Randall's brothers love.. Who knows, history may have had them married anyway, and then he died so she married jack Randall or idk what happens. I know she wants to preserve Frank's fate but that was mean.

    The beginning of the season made me so sad! I wonder what's to happen to her little 1745 family, though I am sure the rest of the season will get into that.