Outing Myself As A Weirdo Here, But...

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  1. Does anyone else "huff" the Vuitton sleeper bags when they get a new package in the mail or at the store? The smell of those brand new sleepers makes me so happy. I know, I am strange...
  2. Nope never have but does it make me a weirdo now that I may try this next time? Sure seems much better for your health than huffing cans of paint.
  3. No. I love the smell of empreinte leather, though.

  4. +1
  5. Hmm. I haven't. But I do smell my bags!
  6. I smell EVERYTHING. It's sort of a problem. LOL.
  7. Might have to start doing this.... Lol
  8. +1
  9. Sorry if this hijacks this thread but speaking of smell/empreinte leather - I am so disappointed. I recently purchased online the sarah empreinte wallet from LV and it smells like a chemical smell or I know this sounds weird but a plastic smell!

    Has anyone ever heard of this before? I am waiting on an round coin purse supposed to be delivered today according the LV website and see if that has the same smell. I never order online so do not know what to think.

    Anyone think I should return or is this likely or will that smell go away. I was so looking forward to the smell of a great leather piece. UGH
  10. HAHAHA, I just got the key pouch in empreinte leather (Noir) and sniffed it when it came in the mail (prelvoed)!!!
  11. No, but I will next time. :smile:
  12. I think it's strange your empreinte piece smelled weird.
    However, I ordered my round coin purse over the phone from a boutique and had the SA send it to me, and it smelled weird! Very much a chemical smell to the point it made me feel sick! It's getting better, but still so odd!
  13. Can you exchange it? Sometimes this happens (I've read), but hasn't happened to me.
  14. +2 lol now that the OP mentioned smelling her dustbag, the one that store my empriente cles smell amazing...i just sniff it. :roflmfao:
  15. I would suggest you take it into the store and exchange it. I have this happened to me with a Epi Leather Zippy, i brought it new and thought the chemical (smell like paint or plastic) would go away after extensive use. I even try to air it out in the sun , after 6 month it was still strong. i ended up selling that wallet.