Outfits for dark red patent pumps?

  1. I need some color ideas of what to wear w/my new shoes. Here is a picture of them. For the zebra print shoes, I think these are pretty versatile, so I’m not too worried. However, for the dark red patent pumps, I’m at a loss for color ideas except for brown, black, white, navy, grays, and obviously red. Any other suggestions that I may have missed? For days when I’m not wearing any red clothing, do I need a red accessory to tie the red shoe together? Like a belt, necklace or bracelet? I have yet to find a pretty red necklace.
  2. Most ANY neutral will go with those red pumps. Beige and camel would look awesome!! I'd be careful about wearing red clothes with the red shoes, though. It can look a bit too matchy-matchy or not match the red tones at all and that'd be worse. I'd got for a small accessory in red as you mentioned, maybe discreet jewellery or a hair band/pin, etc.
  3. If you're careful and tie it in, turquoise and red look amazing together. If my brain wasn't mush right now, I'd give you a good example.
  4. I think you can wear the red with anything! It's the shoe, so even if you are wearing a solid bottom it will look hot. If you wear a printed bottom i would just make sure it "works." Even if it is a different color, as long as it doesn't clash like crazy, it will look good.