Outfit Your Chloe - Fun - Please Join In!!

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  1. girls, some of the ladies from the-place-i-stole-the-idea-from have tried this and it worked for some of them!

    in the code for message board, try adding one or two spaces between and http.

    disclaimer: it doesn't work all the time! not sure why either...
  2. from gagaforgucci!

  3. Haha, she certainly looks like she's "trying to hold it in"!!:graucho: Or perhaps she's just awkward and doesn't know how to stand? Never fear, invisible model, we are your friends!;)
  4. ^ LOL!!! it didn't occur to me until Lescoy pointed it out! :lol:

    here's one more from me before i get back to work!

  5. ^^ Hey - I'm a 'SAD ACT':roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. ^ LOL! Lescoy you are not a sad act... you are just more observant! :tup:

    sianii and gagaforgucci, i have emailed polyvore helpdesk. let's see what they say! :yes:
  7. Really nice, girls... I really dont need to explore this site... I already spend a lot of time in here... but i love your outfits... anything with a Paraty?
  8. ^^ mariabdc - come on now - don't be shy - we want to see your outfit - :yahoo:

    I'm going to do one - I just need the time to sort it out:okay:
  9. That's so funny - what a "need to pee" stance that is :Push:

    hold it, hold it, hold it.... :sweatdrop:
  10. I love the combo gaga - would wear all of it !!! it all looks a little too complex for me though... keep them coming though - they look very muck like magazine pages so far girls - very inspiring & creative... for those of you that can figure it out - keep them coming!!!
  11. ok I did one

  12. ^ very nice, mona! :tup:

    sianii and gagaforgucci, i got a reply from the polyvore helpdesk:


    it looks like the embed code was not entirely copied. please ask your member to copy & paste the entire code in the message box.
  13. this was what i did during tPF's maintenance. hehe!

  14. [​IMG]
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