Outfit Your Chloe - Fun - Please Join In!!

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  1. thanks daisy! i wish i had the actual one! my DKNY is the closest-looking that i have! :biggrin: i love big watches! :heart:

    i would also kill for those chloe wedges!
  2. one more set that looks like my 'real-life' style:

  3. another "me" set:


    can you tell i'm preparing for the arrival of my chloes? :nuts:
  4. one more in red:


    i'm re-using many items because they are either stuff i actually have (like the baccarat pendants), or look like what i have. :yes:
  5. and another! :nuts:

  6. love the black and white and denim combos - very cool casual!
  7. ^ i live in jeans! :biggrin: and ever since getting into purses, i feel that a plain white tee is the best to show off the bag! and no risk of colour transfer either! hehe! the bag becomes the main focus of the outfit! :lol:
  8. this is something like what i wore today! :nuts:

  9. dragonette - I like all the outfits you put together! I see that you've been on a white/black/red kick lately. Looking good!
  10. thank you, kdo! :heart: i've been working with things that look like my existing wardrobe, because my chloes are coming next week! :yahoo: