Outfit Your Chloe - Fun - Please Join In!!

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  1. ^ aww.. thanks mica! :heart:
  2. cherries for today! :heart:

  3. i've gone cupcake-crazy! just bought some awesome cupcake pouches from etsy - that place is wonderful! so many beautiful things made by talented hands! :heart:

  4. OMG:shame: Your making me hungry!!! Love the cherry shoes!:graucho:! THEY DON'T HAVE MY SIZE!!:cry: Super cute!!! pink paddy:drool:
  5. ^ thanks sweetie! that pink paddy is the pinkberry! :nuts:
  6. The only person I have ever seen carrying an authentic pink Paddy is (PINK) THE SINGER
  7. LOL! how appropriate! :nuts:

    like vivi, i really want a pinkberry one day!
  8. another pinkberry paddy set! :heart:

  9. ^^^ OMG!! Checkout my polyvore downloads!!! There is a crystal cupcake purse thats way cute it would go with your sets perfect!!!!
  10. awww. that's so cute! i've saved it for future use! :tup:
  11. Love that light blue paddy colour - LOVE IT. I think there is one in my future somewhere.

    Unless they bring out a violet version. OMG - I better start saving now. Cos nothing is standing in my way of that colour paddy.:faint::wtf::faint::wtf:
  12. i know how you feel, rowe! :nuts: that light blue baby is a darling!
  13. paraty and heloise set from daisy! :nuts:

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