Outfit Your Chloe - Fun - Please Join In!!

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  1. Love this!! I want it all!!:nuts:
  2. Very nice... Who makes the tshirt? Thanks - I love tshirts and cant have enough of them (so long as they are reasonably priced!)


  3. I love t-shirts too, threadless.com was my weakness for a while! But now I have half a wardrobe full of tees I never get the chance to wear :nuts:

    I just checked on polyvore - the tee is from delias. Never heard of it myself! :P store.delias.com
  4. Thanks so much... off to check their t-shirts! A nice tshirt can make a different in an otherwise plain outfit....
  5. ITA! It's getting cooler now so maybe I'll start wearing my tee shirts more - I easily have 30 of them :shame:

    haha, awesome. I LOVE the jackets! I'd probably just wear them with jeans and a tee though, don't quite think I could pull off the look otherwise :roflmfao:
  6. from rowe!


    those boots and shoes are really killer! :tup:
  7. mica, that tee-shirt is too cute! :heart: delias is quite a big store in the US! :biggrin:
  8. I think it's clear...I have to go to the US now. Is there anything US ladies don't have?! Chloes at bargain prices, amazing sales, great t-shirt stores.... :roflmfao:

    Polyvore doesn't help - all the sites seem to be US based - it's just encouraging me :P
  9. ^ teehee! US also has fantastic outlet deals for many other brands! :nuts: and saltwater taffy! (i love those candies!)
  10. [​IMG]
  11. from jonah! :nuts:

  12. ^^Nice!!
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