Outfit Your Chloe - Fun - Please Join In!!

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  1. Gorgeous...
    Did you know that chirpyness is one of the key characteristics of the Chloe subforum??? It is a very chirpy place!

  2. Really nice, DRR... You could be my personal shopper/stylist!

  3. maria, thank you! i'm glad you like it! i love those little birdie accessories and the brolly... i'm actually contemplating ordering them! :heart:

    daisy, you're most welcome sweetie! it's no trouble at all! :heart:

    lescoy, thanks for looking into it! so far, mona, saz, maria and myself are able to post! :yes:

    in the meantime, here's my last set before bed, inspired by rxgirlie! :nuts:

  4. This thread is making me love my Chloes even more!!:love:

    Maria, yes, this is a 'chirpy' place!!
  5. from daisy! :nuts:

  6. You guys are way too good at this! :tup:

  7. I agree! I don't think I quite have the hang of it yet :P But I love looking at all the fun outfits here. It makes me want the clothes just as much as the bags :nuts:
  8. I think polyvore is diminishing global female productivity... we spend our time creating outfits instead of working flat out!
  9. LOL! yes, polyvore is decreasing my productivity for sure! :nuts:

  10. mariabdc - Hell, working 'flat out' is mens work - let them do it - they are useless for anything else:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Working a bit, then...
    I agree men are generally useless... Can you imagine how long it would take them to create any of the above outfits? They'd probably give up after several hours of struggling with so many options and colours! lOL

  12. I would think they would give up as they wouldn't be able to find any old dirty tees or jeans - they are their wardrobe staples after all:roflmfao:
  13. I find this is true of most men - unfortunately my DB has a neverending wardrobe and accessorises/matches better than i ever do! He's not a poser, he's just very well put together - which means that when we go out, i have to help him choose what he's going to wear - i'm ready in about ten minutes. Surely this is backwards?!

    Love the outifts ladies, i haven't had a chance to try and post again yet, but i will!:P