Outfit Your Chloe - Fun - Please Join In!!

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  1. ^ OMG that is just too cute heather! I LOVE YOUR THEME!!!!! What a cute idea.
  2. from gagaforgucci!


    a coach and chloe store! i love it! :heart:
  3. i'm stumped! :shrugs: we have to wait for Lescoy to see if she can come to the rescue! :heart:
  4. my last set before bedtime! :heart:

  5. from rowe!


    love the pale rose stuff! awesome outfit! and those shoes are tdf! :heart:

    ok i'm really going to bed now! good night girls!
  6. This thread is addicting, you gals are great!! I don't dare try, I spend way too much time on here already.;)
  7. thanks dragonette, yep - those shoes are verry nice, Chloe of course.
    I'd love to have all that to wear to work one day.
  8. from daisy!


    those chloe boots are gorgeous! :heart:
  9. llson, addictive indeed! i have to try to exercise willpower or my work is never getting done! :lol:

    , me too!

    this is like the suped up version of paperdolls we used to play as kiddos!
  10. something chirpy to start my day with! :heart:

  11. Sorry girls I've been AWOL. I've still not tried this myself - but I did run this by an 'expert' at the weekend, who seemed to think that this type of problem is down to the individual posters PC set up - if it were a global Forum issue - then no-one should be able to post from Polyvore - and clearly dragonette is able to.

    I need to check in the background and see if there may be a problem - bear with me - once I've got a response I'll let you know.

    Its such a pity its not working for a lot of you.
  12. Thanks lescoy and in the meantime thanks to dragonette who is graciously converting these for me and others - so they can be viewed :balloon:
  13. I totally agree...
    I dont want to join Facewook or tweety (or whatever it's called) for the above reason...