Outfit to match the bag? Or bag to match the outfit?

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  1. It's normal to buy a bag that would match a cute outfit you have ... but .. have you ever found yourself buying specific outfits cuz you know that they would look good with your expensive designer bag?
    Sometimes I find myself buying outfits in certain colors that I know would look good with a bag I have that I paid $1000+ for and MUST wear it alot to make up for the $$$ ...
    This time ... i am like (ok .. baby blue looks amazing on me in the summer when I am all tanned and shimmering ... so .. i will buy a baby blue balenciaga bag ... so i can buy more baby blue outfits to wear!!) I actually plan my outfits according to my favourite bags ... crazy???? :wacko:
  2. Not crazy at all...lots of people coordinate what they wear with their accessories. I do the opposite....I choose a handbag based on what I am wearing that day.
  3. I'm pretty much the same.

    But then again, there are days when you're feeling a little Mary-Kate and just wear whatever together, even if it's less than good together. :lol:
  4. his angel - you have the baby blue Balenciaga??

    I am so jealous :love: could you post pictures please.
  5. i dress around my bags quite often, particularly if there's one that hasn't come out in a while that i'm craving!
  6. I always start with the handbag and shoes, and build around--I am definitely a nerd like that.
  7. I find I'm dressing around my bags a lot more these days...but then I have added some bags in the last few months that are worth dressing around!
  8. I'm finding this to very much my case as well...

  9. i'm really bad for this...i just grab whatever bag is in rotation, regardless if it goes or not...

    but i don't think its that bad since my bags pretty much go with whatever i'm wearing. i wouldn't use my epi st. tropez if i was wearing my lululemon bum wear! hehe
  10. I haven't ever done that unless I'm going out and switch to an evening bag then I always match.

    I have bought several outfits to go with shoes that I had to have! I'm much more of a shoe person!
  11. Handbag is always last for me....I like the rush of choosing!
  12. Don't have it yet ... its on my plan list :biggrin:

    I am expecting a load of cash to come my way soon (stock market back home went up like crazy!!) anyway I already have my next purchses listed ... yes its plural haha

    all will be clear within a month or so (give or take a week) ....

    so stay tuned!!!!!!!!! :smile:

    wow so i am not alone in this "handbag first .. then comes the outfit" thing!! cool!!
  13. Handbags are first on my list :biggrin: They are usually the centerpiece of my outfit.
  14. definitely bag first....then outfit! especially when i really want to use a bag one day then i'll send a long time trying to figure out the perfect outfit to compliment it
  15. Hello all,

    I just need a little input on what colors to choose ,when buying designer purses.

    Are the blacks,browns, & taupes really the safest way to go ?

    There are so many other vibrant colors to choose from ,but will they really match everyday clothing ?

    Thanks in advance !

    Cha Cha ( a newbe)