Outfit to match the bag? Or bag to match the outfit?

beautiful stranger

The Original Angel
Nov 27, 2005
It's normal to buy a bag that would match a cute outfit you have ... but .. have you ever found yourself buying specific outfits cuz you know that they would look good with your expensive designer bag?
Sometimes I find myself buying outfits in certain colors that I know would look good with a bag I have that I paid $1000+ for and MUST wear it alot to make up for the $$$ ...
This time ... i am like (ok .. baby blue looks amazing on me in the summer when I am all tanned and shimmering ... so .. i will buy a baby blue balenciaga bag ... so i can buy more baby blue outfits to wear!!) I actually plan my outfits according to my favourite bags ... crazy???? :wacko:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
SuLi said:
Not crazy at all...lots of people coordinate what they wear with their accessories. I do the opposite....I choose a handbag based on what I am wearing that day.

I'm pretty much the same.

But then again, there are days when you're feeling a little Mary-Kate and just wear whatever together, even if it's less than good together. :lol:
Jan 25, 2006
i'm really bad for this...i just grab whatever bag is in rotation, regardless if it goes or not...

but i don't think its that bad since my bags pretty much go with whatever i'm wearing. i wouldn't use my epi st. tropez if i was wearing my lululemon bum wear! hehe

beautiful stranger

The Original Angel
Nov 27, 2005
Loganz said:
his angel - you have the baby blue Balenciaga??

I am so jealous :love: could you post pictures please.

Don't have it yet ... its on my plan list :biggrin:

I am expecting a load of cash to come my way soon (stock market back home went up like crazy!!) anyway I already have my next purchses listed ... yes its plural haha

all will be clear within a month or so (give or take a week) ....

so stay tuned!!!!!!!!! :smile:

wow so i am not alone in this "handbag first .. then comes the outfit" thing!! cool!!

cha cha

Dec 14, 2006
Hello all,

I just need a little input on what colors to choose ,when buying designer purses.

Are the blacks,browns, & taupes really the safest way to go ?

There are so many other vibrant colors to choose from ,but will they really match everyday clothing ?

Thanks in advance !

Cha Cha ( a newbe)